Intuitive Reiki Certification


You are ALREADY CONNECTED to Reiki healing energy!


The idea that only certain people have spiritual gifts or can learn energy healing is NOT TRUE.

Myth:  Only select individuals are able to connect with Reiki healing energy, connect with their spiritual and intuitive gifts and channel divine messages.


Truth:  Reiki and spiritual connection are available to ANYONE willing to learn and practice, regardless of background or perceived talent.


Everyone is intuitive and has psychic gifts!

Everyone can learn energy healing!


You ARE energy.

You are an energetic being having a human experience. 

All you need is a simple structure to help you tap into the energy healer within you and connect with your higher guidance.


I've helped people just like you connect with their intuition, tap into their own energy healing abilities, and communicate with their divine guidance. 


But you might be thinking...

  • I've TRIED connecting with my intuition- but I don't receive guidance.
  • I don't know how to recognize messages from my spiritual team.
  • I have NO IDEA how to connect with healing energy!
  • I don't think that I have any spiritual gifts at all!


YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Many people start this process with these fears and concerns.


But through guidance and practice, your intuition and healing abilities can expand as you learn to connect with the highest of loving energies.



  • Being able to connect with Reiki, life force energy, with ease
  • Channeling Reiki to help release fears, anxieties and even physical pain
  • Learning Mediumship- Growing your connection to your spiritual team of angels, guides, ascended masters and loved ones
  • Feeling loving spiritual presence and receiving supportive guidance

Are you ready to jumpstart your spiritual gifts and healing abilities?



ELEVATE: Intuitive Reiki Certification Program


I created this supportive 12-week program to help

spiritually awakened individuals who are READY to tap into their inner healer

and expand their intuition and spiritual gifts. 


With ELEVATE you will be able to...

  • Help yourself and others with your newfound energy healing abilities
  • Use your spiritual gifts to support your everyday life or in your healing business
  • Learn your strongest psychic senses and further develop ones that are less prominent
  • Connect with the flow of healing energy, sensing where there are blockages or restrictions
  • Have a deeper sense of the interconnectedness of body, mind and spirit
  • Trust your instincts and inner guidance, making decisions more easily and feeling the gentle nudges of your spiritual team
  • Reduce your stress levels as you learn to balance your own energy.
  • Manifest more easily by aligning your energy to what is in your highest good.
  • Have the sense of peace and comfort knowing that your spiritual team is always with you, guiding you in this life experience. 


Yes! Sign Me Up!


I once thought my intuition was broken... but I was wrong.


Hi Beautiful Soul!

My name is Carole Demarest.

I am a Spiritual Life Coach, Usui Reiki Master, Angel Reiki Master through Julie Jancius, Lightarian Reiki Master, Psychic Medium and Intuitive Energy Healer.  

It wasn't until my 40's that I discovered Reiki and my spiritual journey began.  

I was drawn to Reiki to help with stress management after going through some major life changes. After having a profound experience myself during my first Reiki session, I felt called to learn this energy healing modality and have never looked back.

I have taken various energy healing courses and have come to the conclusion that ANYONE who is interested and open-minded is able to learn Reiki and connect with their spiritual team to channel messages. 

I once thought my intuition was blocked... that I just couldn't receive intuitive messages. But I was wrong!

By using the unique process that I will guide you through, I was able to connect with my spiritual team and healing energy in a profound way. 


I now feel called to help others do the same... 

  • Connect with their own intuition and spiritual team
  • Connect with Reiki energy
  • Learn ways to use energy healing to support their own well-being and higher purpose

You’ll learn how to:

  • Connect with and channel Reiki energy
  • Identify how you best interpret energy 
  • Enhance your intuition and psychic gifts
  • Build a relationship with your spiritual team
  • Receive messages from angels, guides, loved ones or other high vibrational energies
  • Conduct an Intuitive Reiki energy healing session for yourself or others


Join Now!


"I have so enjoyed learning about Intuitive Reiki with Carole. She is an experienced and compassionate instructor and her insight has been invaluable to me. I came into the program knowing very little about Reiki. I had never experienced a Reiki session, but I quickly grew to a level 3 practitioner with her guidance. My intuition and abilities grew so fast that I felt a little overwhelmed by it at times. I relied on Carole's reassurance to help me ground into these new experiences. I am now confident in my newfound abilities and ready to take on clients." ~ Amanda


What’s Inside ELEVATE?


Learn to channel Reiki energy and grow your intuition through three levels of self-paced modules. (Value $1200)

You can set the pace of how quickly you want to go through the modules during the 12 weeks. The lessons will guide you through the steps of enhancing your connection with Reiki energy. (Tip: You are already connected with it!) You will learn how to identify your strongest psychic senses and how to connect with the highest, most loving, and supportive energies. These lessons also include guided meditations to help strengthen your connection with your inner healer.


Enhance your spiritual growth and confidence in your ability to use energy healing on yourself and others with three channeled attunements. (Value $299)

Each of the three levels of modules includes a special attunement to expand your connection to Reiki energy and to your own spiritual gifts.

These attunements will help strengthen your connection with your higher self, your spiritual team, and Source energy to support you in your life’s journey.



You'll learn the unique ELEVATE method to guide you through an Intuitive Reiki healing session. (Value $97)

The ELEVATE method is a seven-step guide to help optimize your Intuitive Reiki healing sessions, allowing you to be a clear channel of Reiki energy, intuitive guidance, and messages from higher energies. You will learn this special process in the modules and be guided through its use on our live calls. 


Get your questions answered, receive support and healings on our twice monthly LIVE calls. (Value $900)

You will have the opportunity to come together with other program participants on our twice monthly calls over Zoom where you can receive guidance, practice, and even receive healing.

The calls are tailored to the needs of the group. Calls are recorded and emailed to you in case you are unable to attend live.


Enhance your spiritual growth with supportive meditations throughout the program. (Value $179)

Throughout the course, you will receive supportive meditations to ground your energy, meet your guides, distinguishing an angel or guide presence and much more!


Receive personal message support throughout the program. (Value $249)

You will have access to direct message with Carole through the program portal during the 12 weeks. Have a question that can't wait until the next group call? Message Carole and she will either respond via written message or recorded video, depending on the need. Carole is here to support you in your journey!


Receive Your Certification in Intuitive Reiki when you complete all of the program requirements.

By completing the program lessons, required practice sessions, and assessment at the end of the course, you will receive your certification in Intuitive Reiki from Carole Demarest Coaching and Healing. This certification testifies to your level of commitment and competency in this special healing modality!



1:1 Personal Reiki Session with Carole (Value $124)

You will have the opportunity to schedule a 1:1 Intuitive Reiki session with Carole at any point during the 12 weeks to experience the magic of this healing modality for yourself!


This session will help release any energetic blocks, realign your energy and we will tap into any intuitive messages and guidance from your spiritual team. This is being offered for a limited time, based on capacity. Don't miss out on this opportunity!



Community to stay connected with other program participants (Value $79)

You will be granted access to a private Facebook Community where you can receive support, connect for practice sessions, and receive special healings and guidance from Carole.



Receive lifetime access and any additions to this program! (Value $379)

As long as this program is listed on my platform, you will have access to it. You will also receive any future updates to the program material at no additional cost. This ensures that you have access to the latest insights and practices within the evolving field of Intuitive Reiki.


ELEVATE plus the BONUS 1:1 Intuitive Reiki Healing Session

is normally $1497.


Get it today for only $997!

 ELEVATE: Pay In Full $997


ELEVATE: 3 Monthly Payments of $399


Tapping into your natural energy healing and intuitive abilities

can literally change your life!


"The Intuitive Reiki program is absolutely amazing. Being a part of this program has really woken up dormant abilities and gifts, helping me to recognize where my passion and strengths are. I always knew the ability was there, but wow, being guided through the modules and the attunements has really had an amazing impact on my life, not only for me, but also for those around me. Being able to perform Reiki on my loved ones, animals, myself, and others, is such a powerful and beautiful gift. Not only am I able to feel the Reiki energy radiating in my hands, but seeing the impact it has on those I am working with is like watching a miracle in the making. Carole is such an amazing coach and her calming demeanor helps guide the calls to a level I didn't know I could reach." ~ Victoria



  • Allowing more love, peace, ease and grace to come into your life by releasing stagnant energy
  • Feeling the presence of your spiritual team, receiving guidance, messages and support from them and TRUSTING what you are receiving
  • Channeling Reiki energy for others and helping them to feel more at peace, while offering guiding messages and support from your intuition and from their spiritual team


YES, you CAN tap into this beautiful energy and trust your natural intuitive gifts.


Allow ELEVATE to help you release any limiting beliefs, doubts, and fears about your natural abilities to heal your own energy and trust your inner guidance.



Receive Your Certification as an Intuitive Reiki Master!

Upon completion of the program and all program requirements, you will receive a certification

as an Intuitive Reiki Master from Carole Demarest Coaching and Healing

demonstrating your mastery in combining Reiki with intuitive healing.




Who is this program for?

  • Spiritually awakened individuals ready to tap into their connection with Reiki energy and tune into their intuition and abilities to communicate with the spiritual realm.
  • Current Reiki practitioners who want to enhance their current Reiki sessions, either for themselves or their clients.
  • You DO NOT need to be already attuned to Reiki symbols in order to complete this course.

Why Choose ELEVATE?

  • Experienced Instructor: Carole is an experienced Reiki practitioner with a deep understanding of intuitive healing. She will guide you every step of the way! Carole was not someone who grew up aware of her psychic senses. She learned to trust her intuition, connect with her spirit team and elevate her own energy healing. It's through her own journey's experiences that she is able to guide you! She has successfully helped others tap into their own intuition and healing abilities and she can help you!

  • Flexible Learning: Go through the program at your pace. The certification portion of the program is 12 weeks in length, but you will have lifetime access to the modules. You can choose not to participate in the certification requirements if you prefer. 

  • Supportive Community: We will have two group calls per month to answer questions and provide additional group healings if needed. These will be recorded and sent to your email while you are in the program.

  • Transformational Results: This program is designed to create a significant shift in your energetic and spiritual connection that you can tap into whenever you choose.

Don't forget this limited time bonus of a 1:1 session with Carole!

  • Personalized Healing: All participants will receive a 1:1 Intuitive Reiki session with Carole allowing you to experience the magic of this healing modality for yourself! 

Unlock the healing potential that resides within you!

Don't let doubt hold you back from your true potential as an Intuitive Reiki Master!

Trust your intuition, embrace your spiritual team, and become a certified Intuitive Reiki Master.

Join me on this life-changing journey today!

What's Inside ELEVATE: 

  • Three levels of self-paced modules (Value $1200)
  • Three channeled attunements (Value $299)
  • Unique ELEVATE method to conduct your sessions (Value $97)
  • LIVE calls twice per month for support/healings (Value $900)
  • Supportive meditations throughout the course (Value $179)
  • Personal message support throughout the program (Value $249)
  • BONUS 1:1 Personal Intuitive Reiki Healing Session (Value $124)
  • BONUS Private Facebook Community (Value $79)
  • BONUS Lifetime access to program and all updates (Value $379)

Total Value of $3506!




Normal price $1497


Today's Price...

 Join Now: One Time Payment of $997


 Join Now: 3 Payments of $399


"Prior to enrolling in the Intuitive Reiki program, I had never had a session and didn't really understand what reiki was all about. My first session with Carole was amazing and I knew I had found a modality that not only helped facilitate my own healing, but would be something I would use to help my own clients. Carole's teaching style and beautiful energy allowed me to be vulnerable and really open up. Although I am done with the program, I find myself using methods and tools that Carole taught us in my day-to-day life, not just in my work with others. I am so grateful for Carole and the experience I had in her class." ~ Alisha



What is Intuitive Reiki, and how does it differ from traditional Usui Reiki?

Intuitive Reiki combines the healing energy of Reiki with intuitive messages and mediumship. It embraces a unique blend of energy work and spiritual insights, creating a holistic approach to healing. Although Carole is trained in Usui Reiki, this certification is not in Usui Reiki. 


Is previous experience with Reiki required to enroll in the program?

No, prior experience with Reiki is not necessary. This course is designed to accommodate beginners and experienced practitioners alike, offering a comprehensive foundation in Intuitive Reiki.


How long is the Intuitive Reiki Certification Program?

The course spans 12 weeks, featuring two live calls per month. Additional calls may be added for enhanced support and community connection. All calls will be recorded for flexibility.


When are the live calls and what do they entail?

Live calls are held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month from 6:30-8pm EST. They provide an opportunity for real-time interaction, Q&A sessions, and guided exercises. These sessions are designed to deepen your understanding, enhance your skills, and foster a sense of community among participants. If you are unable to attend the calls in person, recordings are sent afterwords via email. 


What is included in the program material, and will I have lifetime access?

The program material encompasses a rich blend of instructional content, 3 attunements, guided exercises, and resources. Participants will enjoy lifetime access to the material.  


How does message support between live calls work?

Participants have access to message support between live calls through our online portal during the 12 weeks of the program. 


What does the 1:1 session entail?

Each participant will receive a personalized 1:1 session with Carole that can be used at any time during the program. This session offers an opportunity to experience this healing modality first-hand. 


Is there a community aspect to the program?

Yes, participants will have the opportunity to join our student Facebook Group to collaborate and support each other. 


Are there any prerequisites for certification?

Yes, to become certified, you must complete all program material, practice sessions, and a knowledge assessment at the end of the program. 


Can I take the program and choose not to get certified?

Of course! Completing the certification requirements are totally up to you. If you do want to become certified, the requirements should be completed withing the 12 weeks of the program. 


Can I expect updates to the program content in the future?

Yes, participants will receive any future updates to the program material at no additional cost. This ensures that you have access to the latest insights and practices within the evolving field of Intuitive Reiki.


Is there a refund policy for the program?

There is a 7-day refund policy. Try the program out for 7 days and see if this is a good fit for you! If it's not, just email Carole at to request your refund. She is committed to providing unparalleled support throughout your learning journey. If you encounter challenges or have concerns during the program, Carole is here to assist and guide you towards a positive experience.


Still not sure if this program is for you?
Check out the video below for more information. 
Feel free to reach out to Carole with any additional questions at














Ready to embark on your Intuitive Reiki Certification journey?

Enroll today and unlock the transformative power of energy healing and intuition! 

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Receive guidance and support to become an Intuitive Reiki Master!


"Being certified in traditional Reiki levels 1 and 2, I decided to sign up for Carole’s Intuitive Reiki program to see if I would be able to receive messages in addition to channeling Reiki energy. I had no expectations going in, and was not at all prepared for how much my intuition would open up. My abilities and my confidence to do this work and assist others in their healing journey has grown, and I’m excited to see what the future holds." ~ Rachel